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If you’re looking for the best pallets near me service company in Gainesville, GA- consider hiring EZ Pallet Pros. 

Pallets Near Me in Gainesville, Georgia

If you’re like many local business owners, it isn’t long until you need containers. Unfortunately, when you search for pallets near me, it doesn’t always solve your problem.
In the Gainesville, GA, area, wood pallets are always a hot commodity. With so many using them for green-material projects and crafts, they can be in short supply.
EX Pallets Pros always carry the products you need the most. Whether you need local Gainesville pallets for sale or other materials, we have what you need.


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New and Used Pallets

Whether you need new or used pallets, we have what you need at affordable pricing.

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Quality Wood Products

Wood pallets have been versatile for generations, and they are still popular today.

Free Quotes

If you need us to get some pallets out of the way or a delivery, we will give a free quote with no obligation.

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Sales and Purchases

We buy and sell pallets, crates, and more.

pallets in georgia


If you're a DIY fan or just want to help mother earth, we can recycle and help others reuse pallets.

where can I find pallets

Pallet Pick-Up

If your business is overwhelmed by pallets, we come pick them up. Give us a call.

Wood Crates & Pallets in Gainesville, GA

Wood pallets have dozens of uses, but finding them can seem tricky. You can’t always count on online message boards and classifieds for wood containers. Instead, we carry the best inventory of new and used products. If you need customized options, you can contact us for other sizes as well. Choose us for quality industrial containers at affordable pricing, such as:

Whatever you need them for, we have the containers that you require most. Make sure you receive the best quality of pallets around by choosing us.

Wood Crates

It wasn’t that long ago that wood crates were the preferred shipping material. Today, they are still useful for machinery, vehicles, and other bulky items.

Like wood pallets, crates are also enjoying a DIY renaissance as well. You can often see them as upcycled footstools, sofas, and drink bars, among other projects.

New Wood Pallets

When you take shipping seriously, nothing feels as great as a brand-new wood pallet. Made of the best lumber around, you’ll get tons of use from our products.

From warehousing to logistics, our new pallets save the day with durable materials. Whether you need standard-sized containers or custom options, choose us every time.

Used Pallets

There’s an estimated 1.8 billion wood pallets in the USA, and 70% are used. It’s no wonder why professionals and hobbyists alike love using them.

Best of all, any used pallets past their prime go on to build customized containers. Whether you have pre-owned products to sell, buy, or recycle, choose us.

Pallet Recycling

Since they’re made of wood, many people don’t think of pallets as an eco-friendly material. Surprisingly, though, they are one of the greenest products you could use.

Each broken item you have is broken down into mulch or other pallets. We ethically recycle your used products for less waste, preventing them from entering landfills.

renaissance as well. You can often see them as upcycled footstools, sofas, and drink bars, among other projects.

Pallet Pick Up

Chances are, if you have wood pallets, you have more than you can carry. When you can’t risk losing your containers throughout Gainesville, we pick them up.

Simply tell us what dimensions you carry and how many, as well as your address. We even take care of the rest for hassle-free pallet disposals.

Custom Wood Pallets

In the U.S., we use a wide variety of pallet sizes compared to other regions. When you need a customized size, we can help.

Whether you make commissioned pieces or have unusual items, we can create whatever size you need. Every custom pallet is built on site with quality lumber as well.

The Best Wood Pallet Services in Gainesville, GA

When you’ve run out of wood pallets, It’s like you needed them yesterday. You can’t wait all day for traffic to thin out before your order gets dropped off.
Instead, we are the most convenient choice for new and used products and recycling.

Whether you don’t have enough or too many, we’re here for you. You can count on us for service throughout the greater Gainesville, GA, community. Contact us for drop-offs and pick-ups throughout the city, including:

  • Wildwood Heights
  • Westside
  • Atlas Circle
  • Wild Fern
  • Woodlake
  • Stevens
  • New Holland
  • University of North
  • Georgia Gainesville
  • Cascade Woods
  • McEver
  • And the immediate communities

Why Choose Us for Wood Pallets and Crates?​

When business takes off, you grab every shipping container you can find. However, when you don’t know the grade, your products don’t always arrive safely.

If you can’t risk using sub-par crates and pallets, you need us. We only offer quality containers that can take a beating in transport.

Even when we recycle used or broken items, they’re inspected for quality. If we wouldn’t ship with them ourselves, we won’t expect you to, either.

Whatever industry your company competes in, we have the best pallets for you. Contact us for any industry or business type, including:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Wineries and Bars
  • Auto Parts
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Furniture and Décor
  • Grocery Distribution
  • Art Supplies and Galleries
  • Schools/Educational
  • Buildings
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transportation
  • Professional Moving Services

Why Use Wood Pallets and Crates?

People have relied on wood pallets and crates since the 10th century. Even today, they offer advantages over steel shipping containers for transportation.

Both products are great for stacking inventory and warehousing needs. With an experienced person driving a forklift, they help create straightforward loading.

While creating custom products often takes time, crates and pallets are made quickly. That means waiting less for quality containers you can use for many items.
Times may have changed, but our pallets are as useful as ever.

Contact us for pricing, sizing, and other concerns, and for wood crates, too.

Pallet Company in Gainesville, GA

When you need a local supplier of pallets, you need us. We guarantee the dimensions you need at affordable pricing every time.
No matter how many containers you need, contact us. Gainesville Pallets guarantees quality wood shipping products.

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