Pallet Pick Up

If you’re looking for a company that offers pallet pick up, let EZ Pallet Pros be the team for you. 

We Pick Up Your Pallets

After a while, you notice you have shipping containers taking over your space, and you may not know who to call for pallet pick up. Some services seem unreliable, while others just want your unwanted inventory. In the end, you need a dependable person in Gainesville, GA.

At Gainesville Pallets, we take any discarded shipping containers you have. They then receive repairs for repurposing, preventing them from entering the city dump.
Pallet pick up service plays a vital role in keeping these products sustainable. Contact us to get rid of your unwanted wood pallets, crates, and other items.

Before, most people would place unwanted wood pallets at the curb, and then anyone who wanted them would take them, no questions asked.

Unfortunately, that also meant some people becoming territorial, as well as creating improper storage. The better solution to find repurposed pallets is having us pick them up.

Once they return to our shop, we have them refurbished or reused in other applications. You won’t believe all the many uses offered by these handy shipping containers.
If your pallets are in especially good condition, we may even pay you for them. Contact us now for reliable pallet pick up services.

Why Having Your Pallets Picked Up Matters

Not all pallet suppliers will remove broken or unused ones. When they aren’t a popular size, it can get even more challenging.

Some services only want items that are guaranteed to continue working. When they show signs of wear and tear, they refuse to take them.

Instead, we always remove any wood pallets you have cluttering your place. Even if they’re broken, we’ll gladly take them away.

Wood shipping containers usually still have a lot of life left in them. Choose a supplier you can trust to buy, sell, and recycle them.

What Happens After We Pick Them Up?

Even though they may seem to be in good shape, most used pallets need repairs. You can’t always rely on a visual inspection to tell the whole story.

One we remove them from your property, we sort them. Those that can be refurbished are separated away from broken ones.

Usually, pre-owned wood pallets only need a spare piece here and there. Most recycled units go on to rebuild them for safe and affordable shipping.

Wood pallets that can’t be reused are then ground or stripped down. The chips then go on to become mulching or other lumber-based products.

Why Choose Us for Wood Pallet Pick Ups?

Unfortunately, not every supplier will decide to remove old wood pallets, and they may only offer service for standard sizes.

That also means that many other containers get discarded instead. Although wood pallets are a sustainable product, they only are when recycled.

Rather than leaving them to rot, we will take any unwanted containers that you have. Not only is it practical and convenient, but it prevents attracting pests to your property.

Don’t rely on online classifieds and message boards to dispose of your containers. Instead, choose your local Gainesville experts for fast and efficient removals.

Free Pallet Pick Up Near Me in Gainesville, GA

One reason why so many wood pallets are thrown away is a lack of people willing to do the work that you can rely on. When you can’t locate someone nearby to help, you become frustrated.

You can always call on us to take away any wood shipping containers. Whatever their condition or size, we still have a use for them.

Pallet recycling and refurbishment helps to prevent unnecessary waste from forming. It’s also an ethical way to resell and dispose of them.

Don’t toss out your unwanted wood pallets. Call Gainesville Pallets for professional pick-ups.

Who Needs Their Pallet's Picked Up in Gainesville, GA?

Pallet pick up is a vital service for many different companies and industries. Otherwise, every enterprise has mounds of broken, discarded shipping containers. Nearly every company relies on wood pallets and crate containers. Over time, they tend to have a stack of them somewhere. From home offices to strip malls, you can see plenty of need for our service. We frequently assist many business owners with their pallets, such as:
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels and Lodging
  • Restaurants/Food Service
  • Shipping Companies
  • Warehouses and Docks
  • Trucking Hubs
  • Specialty Supply Stores
  • Shipping Ports
  • Cruise Terminals
  • Manufacturing
  • Facilities
  • Auto Parts
  • Museums and
  • Education Centers

No matter where you have pallets or their condition, choose us. We will quickly haul away any unwanted shipping containers that you have now.

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