Pallet Recylcing

Worried about filling the landfills with pallets? Our pallet recycling program is not only good for your budget, but good for the environment. 

pallet recycling

The Best Wood Pallets for Sale Near Me Gainesville, GA

You thought you could resell your wood containers quickly enough, but they seem too worn. Instead, you need a reliable source for pallet recycling in Gainesville, GA.

Like any commodity, shipping containers have become incredibly competitive among business owners and hobbyists. Social media has also added fuel to their popularity with trendy ways of repurposing them.

At Gainesville Pallets, we keep it simple to offload wood pallets, regardless of condition. Our experienced technicians handle the process at every step of the way, including:

  • Pallet Sorting
  • Pallet Refurbishing
  • Lumber Repairs
  • Dismantling/Breaking Down
  • Re-manufactured
  • Pallets for Sale
  • Pallet Grinding
  • Pallet Pickups

When you need an ethical way of recycling your old pallets, choose us today. We guarantee reliable results and affordable pricing on all our services and products.

Pallet Recycling and Sorting

Pallet sorting is a vital step in keeping the shipping world moving. By separating containers in good condition from the broken ones, they get tons of use.

When a wood pallet is too worn out, they then become other useful products. Purchasing previously owned containers, on the other hand, is affordable and practical.

Most shipping containers in use have at least some refurbishments. We always ensure your used wood pallets are up for any challenge.

Pallet Refurbishing

Refurbishing pallets is crucial for keeping them from being thrown out into landfills. It also wasn’t that long ago that businesses would ditch them without a second thought.

Many reused containers start as a hollow core that receives washing and repairs. If they can’t take restorations, they’re then ground down for other practical uses.

You can also find several different grades of wood pallets for specific uses. No matter what kind you need, we guarantee reliable performance every time.

Lumber Repairs

For simple containers, wood pallets have many different components, and because most of them are also made with lumber, they are pretty versatile.

You can reuse practically every part of a used wood pallet. Or, you can take specific items from several containers to make others products.

After assembling your pallets, they perform like-new again for any purpose. We repair, replace, and refurbish as many wood sections as we can, including:

  • Stringer
  • Bottom Deck Board
  • Lead Board
  • Chamfer
  • Top Deck Board
  • Skids
  • Wings
  • Wood Blocks
  • Pallet Core

Pallet Recycling and Dismantling

One of the primary barriers to hobbyists working with wood pallets is dismantling them. Without the right tools or machinery, it can take hours.

Worse still is old lumber splintering, leaving behind slivers in your hands. Even some types of gloves aren’t enough to protect you.

Instead, we make fast work of even the most worn-out wood pallets. Contact us if you have unwanted shipping containers for proper recycling and refurbishments.

Re-manufactured Pallets

Used wood pallets can perform as well as new ones at affordable pricing. However, when you purchase them from someone who only collects and resells, they soon fail.

Even those wood pallets in good condition likely need some repairs first. When they don’t, it only keeps your merchandise at risk.

Make sure that you buy quality re-manufactured pallets you know will last. Contact us to buy, sell, and recycle your unwanted shipping containers.

Pallet Grinding

Unfortunately, you can only reuse lumber so many times, especially in shipping. The good news is that even worn-out wood pallets still offer many uses. A variety of products that you see daily use ground containers. It’s part of what makes pallets such a sustainable product. From pet stores to highways, old wood containers are all around us. Some products made with broken pallets include:
  • Landscaping Mulch
  • Pet Bedding
  • Boiler Wood
  • Processed Firewood
  • Wood Stove Pellets
  • BBQ Pellets
  • Asphalt Filling
  • Playground Mulching
  • Composting Material
  • Particle Board

Pallet Recycling and Removal

One of the few downsides to wood pallets is storing them when they’re not in use. It doesn’t take long for them to stack up inside or behind your building.

While they organize easily in warehouses, many passenger vehicles can’t fit them. It makes removing and recycling them that much more challenging without our help.

Thankfully, you can count on us to drop in and haul your pallets away. Some might even be worth a cash offer if they’re in good condition.

Pallet Recycling Near Me Gainesville, GA

When pallet recycling isn’t available, they get tossed away. Most still have lots of life left in them, creating waste.

Instead, we make it simple to re-purpose old containers.

Choose Gainesville Pallets for pallet recycling services.

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