Used Pallets for Sale in Gainesville, Georgia

When you’re looking for used pallets, consider EZ Pallets Pros. We offer low prices, recycling, hauling, and delivery.

used pallets

Used Pallets

Although buying new shipping containers is nice, pre-owned also works well. For the most part, used pallets ship merchandise just as reliably and at lower costs.
Depending on what you need to transport or store, pre-owned containers should work well. Unless they seem already too far gone, or too weak, they should last quite a while.
One way to know once and for all is ordering with us. At Gainesville Pallets, we continue to offer the best selection and pricing throughout Gainesville, GA.

Whether you sell car parts or have machinery to store, we can help. Contact us now to begin your order, or to receive a free estimate.

What are Used Pallets?

Used pallets are previously owned and often with repairs. That being said, most of these containers have at least some repurposed parts.

Usually, used pallets require replacement slats, deck boards, or stringer boards. The good news is that these are easily found with other previously owned units.

Once repairs are finished, they’re ready to re-enter the shipping process where they perform like new. Best of all, purchasing our pallets from us means spending less as well.

Every order is thoroughly inspected to ensure they hold up to the job. Buy your used wood pallets with confidence by choosing EZ Pallet Pros. 

Buy Used Pallets in Gainesville, GA

Like any commodity, you should buy your pallets from trustworthy suppliers. Otherwise, who knows what kind of containers you’ll receive, and some may even be dangerous.

When they’re not stored properly, wood pallets are prone to mildew growth. If they don’t receive heat-treatments, they likely have toxic chemical residues.

Worst yet, used wood pallets that shipped food items before often carry harmful bacteria and food-borne illnesses, making them treacherous for reuse.

Even by remaining on a shipping dock for too long can allow chemical and bacteria contamination. Make sure your pre-owned containers are safe to use and avoid:

  • Methyl Bromide
  • Insect Larvae
  • E. Coli
  • Listeria
  • Paint
  • Insecticides
  • Salmonella
  • Mold and Mildew

Used Pallets for Sale Gainesville, GA

Wood pallets are popular with professionals and crafty hobbyists alike. What many amateurs aren’t aware of, though, is they need to be sanitized first.

If you plan on making furniture or décor pieces, you should start with simple cleaning techniques. A general soap detergent and hot water should be enough.

Pallets that return to shipping should be kiln treated first. That way, any lingering larvae or bacteria is safely removed.

If the lumber is going indoors, you may also want to seal it first. Don’t let your delight get the better of you, and buy from a reliable supplier.

Custom Wood Pallets for Sale

One of the best properties of used wood pallets is that they go on to become custom-sized orders. Each one sources their components from high-quality pre-owned containers, ensuring they withstand any project.

Those who make commissioned art pieces rely on us to keep their masterpieces safe. They also are surprisingly handy tools when moving from one home to the next.

You can utilize them for off-grade storage needs and a variety of DIY upgrades. While we haven’t counted them all, they provide dozens of uses.

Whether you require a different size for your work or at home, we can help. Start your order today for dependable wood pallets that last.

Why Order From EZ Pallet Pros?

One of the trickiest parts of buying pre-owned pallets is their sizes. Especially here in Gainesville, GA, you can see a wide variety of dimensions.
When you rely on standard dimensions for shipping, you can’t afford to be surprised. Instead, you can always find the containers you need with us.
If you can’t locate the exact sizes you need, contact us for custom orders.

Or purchase your standard-sized pallets now, such as:

  • 48″ x40″/GMA
  • 42″ x42″
  • 48″ x48″
  • Stringer Pallets
  • Two Way/Unnotched
  • Partial Four-Way
  • Four-Way Pallets
  • Block Pallets

Whatever wood shipping containers you need the most, we carry them. 

How to Safely Handle Any Pallet

Even though they are in good working order, used wood pallets do require safe handling. Even gently used units have rough lumber, known for splinters and causing slivers. You should always wear a pair of thick work gloves before lifting wood pallets. They can also be much heavier than they look, especially with 2×4 stringers installed. If you are unsure if they have been sanitized, wear a face mask. You don’t want to inhale toxic chemicals while trying to move them. Finally, if you have a forklift, they are the ideal solution for stacking and storage. Otherwise, you may have a long day of moving one at time.
While the thought of free pallets sounds appealing, you don’t always know where they’ve been. Instead, you need a reliable local source for your shipping containers. We ensure that every used pallet will offer the level of durability and safety you need. Order yours from the trusted name in town with the inventory at Gainesville Pallets.

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